Without Bones

My 4-year-old son has been asking me the same question lately. He thinks he's pretty funny, which I have to admit, he often is. What if we didn't have any bones?! Of course, we would be dead instantly without bones. Our organs and pipelines of … [Continue reading]

How a Novella is Born

This fun novella started as a completely different story called How the Bees Got TV, which was about, well, a hive of bees that became addicted to television and the ensuing media circus. As I was working on the rough draft, the main character's … [Continue reading]

Plastic Invaders

Green (fake grass) by jakerome on Flickr

So we have this artificial turf installed in our backyard. I was against it from the start, as a native barefoot Wisconsin boy I had my fair share of grass stains on my pant shins and butt pockets and hey I wanted the same stain opportunities for my … [Continue reading]